Games I will Never Make Nor Play II

August 27, 2015


Oh good.

Video Games I will not Make nor Play 1

August 20, 2015


Logic and math.

Art Accelerated

August 9, 2015

If you find yourself on the North Oregon Coast this coming weekend, be sure to checkout this show:


The Pop-Up show is a combination of a fund raiser for local charities/non-profits and a gallery-style art show.  The fund raiser portion of the show consists of a silent auction of 20 pieces of artwork donated by the participating artists.  100% of the proceeds from this portion of the show goes to the local charity or non-profit organization chosen by the high bidders.  The remainder of the show consists of artwork available for sale.

This event is partially funded by a generous grant from the Tillamook County Cultural Coalition.

Thank You
Building owners George & Carol Langlois
Cindy Gardner of Sun Flower Flats
Pacific House for reception food
Dotzero Design
Music by The Associates

Bear Tsunami

August 6, 2015


They are out there, and now you know.

What Happens When We Get There?

July 23, 2015


No words of comfort from this corner.

War Salmon

July 20, 2015


So… dumb… must… stop… painting.

Cat Rivers

July 11, 2015


Some parts good, some not as much.

Bear in a Boat

June 23, 2015


I am done painting cats for now.

Cat Jellyfish

June 17, 2015


Too slow!

Scary Cat Chicken Thing

June 8, 2015


Yes, the yellow lines were a bit of a mistake.


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