Tree Mutiny

March 21, 2015


I couldn’t think of a title

St. Nicholas and the Salt Tub

March 15, 2015


I love this story, and have copied this picture several times in the past. This is the first time in paint. It is an old Marigold Hunt illustration in a book called Six O’Clock Saints by Joan Windham.


Your Teeth are Smaller than You Think

March 11, 2015


A lens is a lens. It is like splitting open a car door.

The Sun Screamed Back

March 7, 2015


Well he did.

I Listened to You Breathe, but did not Believe my Ears 1

February 28, 2015


I sort of hope there is a 2.

I Mean to Say I Love You, although I am not Sure What I Mean Anymore

February 27, 2015


This all could have been so much better.

It is Fun to Draw Magical Ducks

February 23, 2015


These posts write themselves.

The Points were on the Board, and then They were not.

February 20, 2015


If I do a couple more of these, I think I will know what I am trying to do.

Despite its Beauty He could not Make the Story Sing

February 17, 2015


I used to wonder what people who didn’t play cards did with their time. Now I am thinking did is a pretty funny looking word.

The Fallout was not What the Scientists Expected

February 11, 2015


Well, how could they know. I mean really.


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