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Your Legs will not Keep them at Bay

April 21, 2009

Art routines are important.  I didn’t really realize how important mine was until my kitchen table was destroyed (luckily no one was hurt.)  In any event I am now eating off my art table and my art supplies are in sort of jumble in the baby’s crib (also luckily, the baby likes to sleep on the futon.)  This sort of misplacement does make working harder than it usually is, bothconvenience wise and mentally/emotionally.

I think this painting turned out all right.  I am kind of surprised how much like like the colored line.  I feel like I could really do something.


Artist Statement Test

March 20, 2009

Ah, the artist statement.  Necessary for any art show/gallery submission.

Artist Statement:

In my experience, most animals are either dead or running away.  I guess some are pets, but they seem more like objects to be loved than actual animals.  Dead animals seem less like objects and more like they have stopped running away.  In my art I try and navigate this relationship between being dead and running away.  Sometimes it is sad, sometimes funny and sometimes just kind of blah.  I guess that is kind of the way it is, at least in my experience.

Imaginary interview part I.

March 12, 2009

Thank you for agreeing to stop work on your artist statement, and granting us this interview.
Not a problem, the statement is what it is.  I welcome the interruption.

First off, why do you paint animals?
I paint animals because with animals I can communicate a whole range of feelings and activities independent of class, gender, age, time etc.  I can use animals as timeless actors without any guilt of exploitation.  They are individuals, but soulless individuals.  There is a lot of freedom in that, it is almost like using slightly ambiguous words that (hopefully) a lot of people can understand and relate to.

Is relating to an audience important to you?
I hope so.  Usually if I think a painting turns out ok it is because it helps me understand something I feel, or wish I could feel, or wish I could not feel.  When a painting is finished I move quickly from artist to audience member.

So, would you say you are an objective viewer of your work?


Would you elaborate?
Well, I wish I was.  I think I am pretty fair to myself if a piece really isn’t working.  However, I secretly like and dislike almost everything I paint.  I guess some of this comes from hoping things are getting better.

Well, I for one see progress.

You’re just saying that.

If we could get back to the animals for a bit.  Looking over your work it looks like you have used animals, and animal forms, for a long time.  Even back to your undergraduate days.  Do you ever see this as a hindrance or crutch?
Constantly.  Sometimes I look at my work an think; Animals? am I that emotionally/developmentally stunted?  How is this different from playing with action figures in my backyard.

Ouch is right.  Trust me I know.  Sometimes I look around and see people writing A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius and I am over here writing alternate endings to the Redwall series.  Sometimes I try and prop myself up with the extensive roll animals have played in art history.  Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t.

Stay tuned for part II.

Good Painting Reads

February 1, 2009

With my ultra short posts, I fell like I have been neglecting the word part of wordpress.  A lot of this has to do with not being too sure of what to write about.  However I do have some good ideas for things to read about.  Here are a couple of blogs I don’t think anyone should miss:

Mid-West Capacity Mid-West Capacity is an awesome blog focusing on Midwest painters.  The discussions are strong and you can always find some great stuff to think about.  They have recently collected their artist interviews in one spot, which I have provided a direct link to.

Inadaville The other blog I have to write about is Inadaville.  Run by SOU professor Miles Inada it is great fun (great in the tragic kind of fun.)  I grew up in Southern Oregon, when I read his blog I can almost smell the dusty blackberries along the Bear Creek Bike path.

Essay on Painting

April 5, 2008

I really care about painting (both the noun and the verb).  Not just my own, but painting in general.  It seems a little odd to say that I care about an activity\item so I will elaborate with some ideas, for my own sake if nothing else: 

I do not care for animals painting or for machines painting.

I think painting is a type of communication, but because painting is a visual art form it is hard to write about.  So instead of trying to wrap words around painterly ideas I will write about things and pretend that I am really writing about painting.

I hate stories that end in “it was all a dream”.  If a chapter ends with “it was all a dream” that is ok, because it is quite alright for imaginary characters to have dreams.  However it is not ok to have imaginary dream characters, despite how cool they sound in this sentence.  Imaginary dream characters are lame and a bit like a ending every idea you have with the words, “just kidding”.

Just kidding is a good tool for trying to take back something you said while you were drunk, but not a very good tool for communicating.  It is more of a tool to evade communication.

Inside jokes are fine, but will never be as good as real jokes.

Paintings are not jokes, but like jokes, not every painting is for everyone.  Just because a painting is not (interesting/for/speaking to) a lot of people does not make it a bad painting.  It does not make it a good painting either.  Like stories about your friends, there is a time and a place for it, unless your story is inherently interesting.  Or your friends are.  Or you have a really nice voice.  Which is probably not the case.

Music is cool because you can sing along.  This creates an illusion of communicating but is something else.  Singing along probably makes you a different person while you sing.  You can never paint along and that is too bad, or is it.  You can look at paintings with other people, but that is not the same as being in a band and covering a song.

Talking about a song is not the same as being in a choir.  It is probably not as fun or as satisfying.  Because there is so much looking at painting while you paint, I think there is a larger connection between painting and looking at paintings than there is between singing and talking about songs.  However, talking about paintings is not singing in a choir. 

Really only painting is painting.

Essays of Interest

January 20, 2007

If you are looking for some solid essays about painting, I would highly recommend reading the works of Laurie Fendrich.  Fendrich is an abstract painter who does not suffer from the common afflictions normally associated with abstract painting (namely delusions of grandeur and rebellion, and/or as a herald of some type of utopia).  She is keenly, possibly painfully, aware of the role painting plays in our society and seems to be okay with that.  You can find links to her essays from her webpage at  I found them both informative and fun to read.

Fell in the Well

January 6, 2007

It has come to my attention that the vast majority of my blog entries have began with the word “well.” As part of my new year’s resolution I will try to reduce the use of the word “well,” unless I am referring to an actual well. I guess I have been focusing more on the pictures than the words. I hope this hasn’t lessened anyone’s enjoyment of the pictures.

Blog Purpose

December 21, 2006

I think what I am going to try to do is keep a running journal of my water color paintings.  I find I work best in a series, and hope this blog will help reinforce the way I work.  I also hope it will allow me a place to keep some ideas to inform my painting (verb).  If I can figure out how to upload images I should be in good shape.