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Painting vs Fishing

February 25, 2014

Steelhead season has finally taken off, so not a lot of painting getting done.  I am 3 for 4 so far this year with two wild and one hatchery.  It hasn’t been a great season, and I am sort of looking forward to fishing the jetty again (or at least tidewater).


Here is a fairly rubbish painting of an elf.  However, I like this sort of assembled with brushstrokes type of approach and think it is going somewhere.



A Bear Some Gnomes and Some Kind of Water

February 20, 2014


It looks like it is painted on a fruit roll-up

Angry Fantasy Bear Story 1 Page 6

February 12, 2014


I guess I just really liked the idea of an owl mourning a hat.  Sorry it took six pages to get there.

Finishing this story out with a pencil pen combo that didn’t really work.  I think I will have to get a thinner pen to do the shading.  More importantly, that poor poor hat.  I am picturing burying it at sea, or one of those composty Waterworld things.

Angry Fantasy Bear and Some Gnomes

February 10, 2014


While this painting has some unresolved issues, it was a lot of fun to paint and has inspired the next one, which is always a good feeling.

Angry Fantasy Bear Story 1 Page 5

February 7, 2014


If you don’t notice the little gnome hat in the boat, this sequence loses all of its charm.

Angry Fantasy Bear Story 1 Page 4

February 5, 2014


Page four already and not much has happened.  I think this would be much shorter if I could draw smaller.

Angry Fantasy Bear Story 1 Page 3

February 3, 2014

001 copy

Even if your boat is pulled by a giant bear, you are still the captain in my book.

Angry Fantasy Bear Story 1 Page 2

February 1, 2014


Oh the scale is all wrong.