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Mobile Floating Nuclear Dispenser

October 29, 2010

You might think that since the American Space Deer can make their large space type vehicle levitate effortlessly across an alien landscape, that surly they could do better than conventional rocket propoltion for thier nuclear warheads.  You might think that, but you would be saddly mistaken.


To Understand Movement

October 27, 2010

Ah space cars, truly the empty calorie of the creative universe.

Send in the cyborg, damn nonsensical craters

October 22, 2010

In a world without gun powder or lasers, only the rocket is king.

Notes from Space

October 21, 2010

Number, but do not ANNOTATE!

We are where We are

October 14, 2010

As far as we can tell, things are this way.

The Failure that was the Bio-Shuttle

October 11, 2010

Still, you have to try these things.

American Space Deer Program

October 7, 2010

Go crew go.

vs The Dangers of Long Space Travel

October 1, 2010

No one said it was easy.