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Life Tied to Air

September 29, 2009


Of course the larger lung has more clouds attached!  What a provincial question.



September 22, 2009


Another weird view, but now with color.  Color!

Sky Reflected not the Same

September 18, 2009

Another side step while I continue work on my large piece.  Which is going well, but hard to tell if any progress is being made.  Also here is a little illustration I did this week.



September 12, 2009


How long can I resist drawing volcanos without drawing dinosaurs?

Unfortunate Sunset

September 11, 2009


Ye Coulds!

Lord the Ocean is Big

September 10, 2009

Empty like sunshine.

The Empty Joy

September 10, 2009


Guts Drinking River God

September 9, 2009

I think the thoughts that went into this one were something like, “Hey I kind of liked drawing ole Ladon eating some clouds.  I know!  I’ll draw him slurping up some clouds and pegasus guts. Yeah!
No, that wasn’t a good idea.  I started to get into drawing his beard/river currents but even fun drawing could not sustain this one.

Eater of Clouds, Eater of Continents

September 4, 2009

I had to take a break from my large drawing.  There is a little sticking point that I need to think more about before I erase a hole in the paper.

One of the thing that is going well in the large drawing, directly carried over from the rivers of everything/nothing rabbit pictures, is that THE END OF ALL THINGS is conveniently located off page.  This is good because to give form to these things might seem weak or ineffectual.  However, as I have been drawing I realize that even if I try not to, I still sort of think of these things in somewhat human, or at least figurative terms.  There seems to be a disconnect between what I have drawn and what I can conceptualize.

So, while I am trying to hammer out my bands of color and bands of not color, I thought it might be a good idea jump right in and give form to THE END OF ALL THINGS, and I knew right where to turn.  I hope I have made no secret of my love for Ingri and Edgar Parin D’Aulaires’ Book of Greek Myths. Its one of my favorites from childhood, and I can remember basing entire superhero teams on the illustrations.

I took a shot at Ladon mostly because he looks so cool.