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Bridges as Cages

June 23, 2007

Double Bridge

The relationship between bridges and cages seems like a good relationship for rabbits and birds to explore.  I would imagine their forms are used to bridges and cages.  Cages to take you places, bridges with locked doors.


Apparatus for Holding off Darkness

June 17, 2007

Support of some sort

I don’t know, and We will see, are the only comments I think to write about this painting.  Lets do both.

Rabbit Bridge Broken

June 10, 2007

Rabbit Bridge Broken

With the last painting I thought I was issuing in a new era of paintings with clever titles, but I now see this is not the case.  This entry’s title is not the painting title nor is it particularly wonderful.

I am sure it is apparent, but I would like to point out that this painting was painted with a new paint brush, a 12 round.  New brushes are where it is at, if you are feeling sad I would highly recommend buying a new brush, however I would also recommend hanging on to your old brush just in case you would like to use it again.  For old time’s sake.

Bridge Over Memories of Serpents

June 2, 2007

Bridge over memories of serpents

Often the titles of my blog entries are not the titles of the paintings featured within them.  Often my paintings do not have titles, but not this time.  This painting is titled Bridge Over Memories of Serpents.  I like the painting more than the title, but I must admit the title does make me feel fairly clever, and maybe even a bit poetic.