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Angry Fantasy Bear 4

October 30, 2013

001 copy

Undersea devils?  Polar bears?  Fishing?  Throw the gates wide open!


Angry Fantasy Bear 3

October 28, 2013

001 copy

Be careful Angry Fantasy Bear! Be careful not to to attribute them anthropomorphic qualities.  Wait, who am I talking to?

Angry Fantasy Bear 2

October 27, 2013

002 copy

I like cats, but am glad they cannot talk.

Angry Fantasy Bear 1

October 26, 2013


Sorry Space Deer.  I need a character I can successfully draw from the front and a three-quarter view.  Also, I just need a break from Sci-Fi.

We will meet again old friend.

Your Words Give You A Way

October 24, 2013


After a slow start we get somewhere.

Memorable Meeting

October 22, 2013


Two in one day?  So much painting neglect.


October 22, 2013


  1. Why would anyone design a ship where essential components can not be accessed from the inside?
  2. I hope this story picks up soon.  It seems like the first few pages could have been summed up in a sentence or two.
  3. Oats on fire! is supposed to be a Space Deer Curse.

Wooly Rinoish Thing

October 19, 2013


I don’t know, lets just see where this goes.

Naked Cat Man Pharaoh Beholds

October 15, 2013


Setting the scene with all the tricks from an ancient Greek theater production.

Fat Bird, Fat Blossoms

October 11, 2013


Fun is fun until it isn’t.  However, I am putting this squarely in the fun column.