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Train Wreck with a Lion

March 20, 2013


Just stop and move on.


Devouring the Indifferent

March 19, 2013


Why can’t my brush strokes be more like my pencil marks?

While we are on questions: Why can’t my scanner clean its own damn glass?

Its a seal by the way.

Untitled (Two Poorly Painted Peacocks)

March 13, 2013


So my last drawing made me think, “Hey I could paint this” and “Not hate this”.  Well, I think I was half right on both counts.  I really like to paint, but am so so with the results.  I am not so much a painter as I am a brush moving enthusiast.

I Still Talk to You, but You May or May Not Listen

March 5, 2013


The silence is unnerving, thank goodness for television.