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Owl P. Drinky Painting Test

December 22, 2013

painting 004

This magenta color really wreaks havoc with my camera.  Its pretty close, but not really.  Things for next time: make the waves bigger.  Overall, pretty fun.


Angry Fantasy Bear Painting Test

December 16, 2013


Not fantastic, but the colors are kind of pretty.  Enough to inform the next one at least.

Angry Fantasy Bear 18

December 12, 2013


I have been painting and thinking about how this story might end.  Since I am putting this in writing I can almost guarantee it won’t happen, but my goal for 2014 is to have a complete AFB story (beginning, middle, end) painted and in some type of book format.

Oh goals!

Angry Fantasy Bear 17

December 5, 2013


Man, the production values on this thing are all over the place.

Angry Fantasy Bear 16

December 3, 2013


Something about the endless walking appeals to me.  Also, I am picturing the denials of the village elders as the water approaches, then the hasty packing of the family photos.

Angry Fantasy Bear 15

December 1, 2013


Hopefully the diagram conveys a world where half the land is always underwater, and the tide is always progressing.  I don’t know how days would work in this system, but we could just take for granted that they do.