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Rabbit and Bird with Comic Elements

December 31, 2007

Rabbit and bird with comic elements

It is almost 2008 and I have over 70 paintings to show for 2007.  I feel pretty good about myself.  Also this year a buddy of mine and I have almost finished a graphic novel which is also exciting.

I have been thinking a lot about comic books and graphic novels lately (I am wraping up Dave Sim’s Cerebus series, like it or not, it is an amazing artistic effort).  They were definitely the reason I became interested in the visual arts in the first place.  I was sort of thinking about the similarities between the comic book panel and my own aquarium shapes.  I think this could be a healthy thought.


Not much more than Orange

December 22, 2007

a lot of orange

This painting just kind of went on and on.  I really should have stopped painting on it a couple of days ago.  It doesn’t really come across in this picture, but in person the color looks flat and dusty.  Way too much pigment.  It is really not too bad of a painting, but like this blog entry adding more time to it isn’t going to help anything.

quiet birds unnoticed

December 13, 2007

birds open rabbit

i apologize for the lack of capital letters.  i have my brand new daughter sleeping in my left hand, and cannot hit two keys simultaneously.  she looks like how i remember my younger sister looking in her baby pictures.

Above all an image maker?

December 2, 2007

Rabbit and Birds Looking good

What are paintings all about?  Communicating?  Objects to reflect on?  Sometimes it is fun to just try and make things that look cool.  For the last couple of paintings I was really trying to get my thoughts in order, but not this time.  This time I just tried to make a painting that I could show someone and say, “Hey, is this cool?”