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If Only the Rabbits had More String

April 28, 2009


Binding things together and saying they are OK is both good and bad.  On the other hand, uneven multicolored lines are always a plus.


All in Good Fun

April 28, 2009


Some words give me sort of mental/heartbeat hiccups (the unpleasant kind).  Fun can sometimes be one of these words.  FUN!

At Home with Other’s Pain

April 27, 2009


Painting is awesome because if you stop, you just stop.  Its like drinking on Wednesday morning, humbling in an insignificant way.  Its weird, I think the activity of painting is an excellently sad way to explore the idea of the hub-less wheel.

We Cannot Understand Their Sorrows

April 24, 2009


I sort of think this is a good one.  I have been thinking a little bit about how painting affects ‘knowing’.  I think a lot of the time we don’t really understand the things we talk about.  We have general knowledge and we have words that we can use to describe a topic, but in reality we do not know much about it.  For example take flight.  I can talk about flight, and I know words like lift and aerodynamic, but even if I had tons of tools I don’t think I could really make something that flies.  Not that you would have to be able to make something that flies to understand flight, but I think if you tried, it would really poke some holes in what you thought you knew about what flight is.

Now with paint, a lot of the knowing seems tied to the doing, but only relevant in the finished piece.  I am not sure how this applies to flying (I think it probably does not) but when you paint you constantly seem to be poking holes in what you thought you knew.  For example in this one as I work I demonstrate my understanding (or lack of understanding) of a lot of things, including (for example) negative space.

Every time I paint I make negative space, I do not make negative space when I think or talk.

Every time I paint I make color, I do not make color when I think or talk.
Every time I paint I make shapes, I do not make shapes when I think or talk.
Every time I paint I make tonal relationships, I do not make tonal relationships when I think or talk.

This thought seemed a lot cleaner last night.

Your Legs will not Keep them at Bay

April 21, 2009

Art routines are important.  I didn’t really realize how important mine was until my kitchen table was destroyed (luckily no one was hurt.)  In any event I am now eating off my art table and my art supplies are in sort of jumble in the baby’s crib (also luckily, the baby likes to sleep on the futon.)  This sort of misplacement does make working harder than it usually is, bothconvenience wise and mentally/emotionally.

I think this painting turned out all right.  I am kind of surprised how much like like the colored line.  I feel like I could really do something.

You Are Here!

April 17, 2009


Rats!  I think it took me six or seven sheets of paper to get here.  Here!  This is not great.  This is like feeling you really need to floss your teeth.  I was really excited about using color pencils, and was happy with the last drawing I posted, but this?  This is ok, but surely pen, watercolor and colored pencil can do better.

Hide in the Love You Perceive

April 15, 2009


Hopefully this is what learning looks like.

We Should not be Here, and Possibly are not Anymore

April 14, 2009


I have mixed feelings about this one.  I almost started feeling that this is an idea of a drawing rather than a drawing.  This thinking made me look up the word ‘draw’ in the OED.  As printed by my computer the entry for the verb draw generated 36 pages.  36 pages!  That is a remarkable amount.  The verb ‘paint’ clocks in at a fair 14 pages.  Plus a separate one line entry that has fallen into obscurity (to make fast (an anchor) on a ship with a painter).  In any event draw is a complicated and nuanced word, requiring more than twice the amount of space than the verb paint.

This seems like it could be important.

Flying to an Imperfect Heaven

April 10, 2009


Sorry I just can’t get the Brothers Karamazov out of my head.
Things are sort of crumbling all around.  I almost reached for the crayola markers on this one.  I like this image but wonder if I have moved to larger paper too quickly.  There is a lot of unused space, and I am not completely convinced it is unused wisely.  I anticipate the flurry of duds with redeemable qualities to continue.

It Probably Doesn’t Matter

April 10, 2009


I am sure this doesn’t translate onscreen, but the white of this paper is something else.  It is definitely causing me to re-think my color strategy (color enough things on the paper so that the white of the paper reads as a color)
because it is a little thin for water medium.  It is simultaneously encouraging and discouraging.  I am all most tempted to throw some pencil in the mix, but will probably draw the line at colored pencils.  Who knows.