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Why is drawing so hard?

January 31, 2013


“Why did you think it was all right to present an erased bird flying towards heaven?”

“Um, well… I was happy with the sort of soft thing with the cascading shadow, but felt it needed more, and… well, since I have been drawing birds, I sort of went with that.”

“You felt safe?”

“I felt safe.”

“Why did you erase it?”

“It was too strong of an element, and I sort of remembered how beautiful erased things look.”

“But an erased bird?”

“I know, I know, next time.  Next time.”

“I certainly hope so.”


I suppose this is it

January 29, 2013


It sort of looks like the mess after you take out the Christmas tree.  I am OK with that.

In Praise of Artifice

January 27, 2013


Get the bad ones out of the way.  It is all about momentum.

Self Employed

January 23, 2013


It is nice to see drawing working for drawing again.

Words don’t own you!

I should let the scanner name all of my drawings

January 23, 2013


I think that will do for a Wednesday before work.

Time out for unfocused drawing

January 22, 2013


Ah dissatisfaction, it must be a new year.

Time out Space Deer, time out for now.  A little break isn’t a death sentence, of course I always say that.

American Space Deer Storybook page 60

January 15, 2013

American Space Deer Page 60

Oh Summer, where art thee.

American Space Deer Storybook page 59

January 12, 2013

American Space Deer Page 59

An excellent place to look, even if you have nothing to find.

American Space Deer Storybook page 58

January 9, 2013

American Space Deer Page 58

Note the beard, this is a new character, and not a disguise.

American Space Deer Storybook page 57

January 5, 2013

American Space Deer Page 57

Everything is harder after a break.