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Cloud Landscape

January 26, 2010

Despite that this painting sort of looks like a lower case “a” I think it turned out pretty good.  It really captures a good kind of motion, and sort of looks like things I like.

Short list of things I like that this painting resembles:
1. The clouds vs. continents angle I have spoken of before
2. The path from Candyland
3. A science book illustration
4. Plate tectonics diagram
5. A map

For those interested I would like to call attention to the erasing.  I like the erasing because it suggest refinement, in the sense of a rock tumbler.  I think it is pretty cool to erase and redraw, erase and redraw until you get it right or you give up.  I also think the rock tumble analogy works well for my thinking.  For example; how do you know when a rock is properly tumbled?  or how do you know when to stop dusting?
Its sort of fantastic.


Change of Activity

January 11, 2010

“Why not think with your knee cap?”
-Joseph Beuys (Not a direct quote, but I am pretty sure he said something like this.)
For the past two months I have stopped my running program for the winter and have taken up swimming.  I have been running for the past eight years and this has been quite a change.  It is quite a different experience moving through pool water than it is moving through a landscape, and I can’t help but wonder how this is affecting my painting.  Spacial relationships in a pool are completely different.  In running, space is mostly understood in terms of distance, while in the water filled pool the relationship to space is much different.  There is a much greater interaction with up and down, and everything is much closer.

While it is not a particularly well articulated or strongly held belief, I do feel that our physical activities influence the types of thoughts we are able to think.  So much brain activity is focused on interpreting a reacting to physical stimuli that it seems changing the way you interact with space would change you ability to think about space.