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Birds and Not Birds

April 26, 2007

Birds and Not Birds

I am happy with this painting.  It dabbles in pattern with out becoming decorative.  Not that decorative is not a beautiful thing, it is just that sometimes a decorative pattern can be mistaken for wall paper.  Not to say that wall paper cannot be beautiful, I would love to have a nice size chunk of a William Morris paper.


Rabbit Container

April 23, 2007

Rabbit Container

On the actual painting the rabbit is a uniform white, the color of the paper.  For some reason I could not capture that with my digital camera (I suspect the flash).  In any event I like this painting.

The Joy of the Roll

April 19, 2007

Line Bird

The dimensions of this painting are 60″ by 44″ making it the largest watercolor painting I have ever done.  It was a lot of fun and I am happy with the way it turned out.  At times I thought it looked too much like an Easter themed wrapping paper, but now that it is up on the wall I no longer feel that way.

The reason I was able to paint such a large painting is that I bought a ten yard roll of watercolor paper.  I would recommend buying rolls of watercolor paper to anyone because it really frees a person from the set dimensions of cut sheets.  If you want to do a huge painting, go ahead.  Perhaps a long skinny painting, feel free.  Of course now that I have painted this marathon of a painting I am going to do a few quarter sheets to rest up a bit.

Jump Back

April 15, 2007

Rabbit Shadow

This painting seems like a throw back, way back, like all the way to early March.  Well, sometimes it is important to revisit old themes and see if you can do a better job this time around.

Birds Sort of on a Wire

April 10, 2007

Birds sort of on a wire

I think this is a good painting, mostly because it is the kind of painting I had to paint other paintings in order to paint.  What I mean is I could not have painted this painting right off the bat.  I had to paint into this painting.  In my opinion painting paintings is much more fun than thinking up paintings to paint.

Fish need Birds like Birds need Fish

April 5, 2007

Birds Falling

I am still not sure how I feel about the pairing of blotchy colors with flat washes, but I think it needed to be done.  I like this painting and feel it has given me a lot of opportunities to explore.  I have been wanting to reincorporate the bird space helmets and the shadows, but for now it will just have to wait.

Good Idea, Bad Colors

April 3, 2007

Gill Escape

One thing I always sort of liked about some of the fish paintings was the pink gill.  It looked cool, but always seemed out of place because it was so different from the flat shapes of the rest of the fish.  Then while trying to harmonize the gill with the rest of the fish I thought, hey what if birds were coming out of the fish’s gill (at least that is how I remember it). 

The birds have always been about exploring and expanding, and it seemed like a good idea to have them “fall” out of a place they did not expect.

This should have been a good painting, but it fell apart, and then the paint was placed too thick.  Next time.

A wordy entry about painting in general

April 1, 2007

Rip in Bird Space

This is still a very unfinished thought, but I recently read an interview with Dave Hickey in Zingmagazine (I would place a link to it, but I hate to see dead links in posts and for some reason I just don’t see this particular link having a long shelf life.  Plus a Google search with Dave Hickey and Zing should easily produce it)  where Dave Hickey said one attribute a good painting must have is an ability to be reinterpreted.  He used the example of Jackson Pollock, where if we had to view his paintings the way he wanted us to, we would hate them.  Hickey then goes on to call Pollock an ass who thought he was doing Jung a favor. 

This is pretty funny, but also an important point.  If you cannot look at a painting and interpret it in a way that makes it meaningful to you, it is not a good painting to you.  A painting that is flexible enough to make “sense” to many people seems like it must be a better painting than one that does not.  I think this could be true even if the viewer misinterprets the painting, if there is such a thing as painting misinterpretation.