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Aquarium Turned Geometric Form

November 20, 2007

Bird and a open

Things are going good.  In this painting I used paint as a color, but also as a cover for the white paper.  I think I did this in a non-hokey way.


Back in the Aquarium

November 10, 2007

Birds in aquarium again

It is nice to be back in the aquarium again.  Especially with the new addition of “empty space” and “unoccupied space”.  Aquariums sort of work for that.  They are sort of pocket worlds, with a countable inventory.  Something like that.

Color Pools and Open Areas

November 1, 2007

Shifting Planes

I like how the shadows and the tilted planes interact.  With both each other and with the bird shapes.  I am sort of thinking about the shapes as place holders.  With something over the horizon being held as well. 

It may be an empty holder, like a space that is not filled, or a type of empty that could become filled without being displaced.  I don’t know, I have had a lot of candy today.