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Who trapped this imaginary child?

February 27, 2013


I don’t know, its been a slow morning.


Your Mother’s Hands were not Quite Beautiful

February 24, 2013


This child is frightened, too too frightened.  You should do something, but you cannot.  You were not there, and even if you were it would be no use.

Why don’t you go ride your bike?

February 23, 2013


-Why don’t you go ride your bike?

-Because no one will teach me!!!

This is the first installment of a book I am making for my children.  These drawing are a little time consuming so I will be peppering them in between my other projects.  I hope to have 32 pages by the end of the year and then print it up for them.  Its fun and they are helping too.




Things to Know and to Not Know

February 20, 2013


I kind of like this, or at least the idea of this.  Birds in a baby’s hair?  Sweet deal.

The child is based on one from an icon, but is so poorly done its unrecognizable.  The Madonna of Vatch I think, I put the book away and am a little fuzzy.

The Easy Way Out

February 12, 2013


Right, so now I am appropriating images from long ago.  No, I don’t think that is particularly awesome, but it is kind of fun.  It frees you up, and lets you put squiggles where you might not normally place squiggles.  I kind of knew this was a dead end when I thought of going down this route, so I think I will flail around here for a bit.


Some Type of Flower

February 11, 2013


At some point.

You Said Something Beautiful Once

February 6, 2013


But that was a long time ago.

Well yes, I guess you’re right

February 4, 2013


There is something very model train-ish about this drawing.  Or board game like.  Must remember that landscapes should be horizontal.