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They Still Have Children

December 31, 2008


Please, no comments on the absurdly proportioned ship, and no
I don’t think whales really have tongues.  With that out of the way, I think this one turned out pretty good.  I am pretty sure I will use the floating rabbits again, and thought drawing only half of the sea half-pipe was a heads up move.


The Fire Line

December 20, 2008

The Fire Line

Fill them with sand!  Fill the children with sand!

Fleeting Happiness

December 19, 2008


Perhaps the space shuttle is a bit much.  However, I think the tree with the tire swings is a good one.

The Empty Wind

December 17, 2008


So here we are devoid of figures, except for some mass-graves in the Mario Bro. style.  This one feels pretty good.  The smaller format has allowed me to be brave enough to do some cool things and some lame things.

I like expansiveness of this one, however I think I will have to focus a little more on over all composition, although this one isn’t too bad.  Also, since I have switched to non-watercolor paper my color choices have, for the most part, fallen by the wayside.  It hasn’t bothered me too much yet, but I would like to refocus on that some time soon.

Their Tumors Have Slowed our Demise

December 11, 2008

Their tumors have slowed our demise

Boy, here is another one that seemed cool at first but now I am not so sure.  Like the kite episode from the last painting, I want to like this one, but it seems to be heading too far towards the theatrical (and not the good kind, the sort of middle of the road kind, like a bad high school play).

Speculation: There is no need to hit the viewer over the head.

The Sad Dinosaur Acts as a Tool for the Wind

December 6, 2008


The broken telephone lines are nice.  And I am happy with the dinosaur’s tears.  I can’t tell yet if the kite thing is too much, but I like it more than the car crash (well not so much the car crash per se, its a little more hokey but wind seems a little more inevitable than trees in this sense, which I think is a good thing.  Unfortunately the whole kite thing seem so contrived that I fear it could be a distraction, even if it is interesting.)

In summary I want to think this one is good, but it might be too soon to tell.

Together We are Jerks

December 5, 2008


Sometimes when I glance at this one I think it is alright.  However, it just doesn’t seem that good.

The Big Sky

December 3, 2008

The Big Sky

Just look how big that sky is.  Just look at it.  Its huge!  You can barely make out the unfortunate one-car car-crash.