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There are no Starting Points

August 31, 2009

This is sort of an upside down view.
It is a lot more map like than I thought it would be, but that should still work.  I am at the awkward place where I hope this isn’t as silly as it seems.


Clouds With Out Faces

August 21, 2009

I thought about titling this post “When You Draw a Cloud You Draw the Sky”, but then laughed out loud because that has to be the lamest title for almost anything (I did a quick google search to see if there was anything with that title and thankfully there was not.)  Despite the lame titles it inspires, there is something really great about loosing track of which side of the line represents the figure and which represents the ground.  My original idea was to paint a light wash over the sky area (this would also emphasize theerasures ) in the painting but now I am not so sure.  I still have some color ideas for the lower part, the sort of full abyss thing I have been working with, but if I don’t use color on the sky the whiteness of the clouds wouldn’t resonate with the whiteness of the empty abysses (also planned but now possibly being unplanned.)  All in all, right now I am being confronted with the kinds of mysteries I like to experience while I work.

Not Sure Where I am

August 18, 2009

Throwing caution to the the wind, I stretched a 60″ x 45″ (or so) piece of watercolor paper, sketched out a few thumbnails and started drawing some clouds/continents/shapes in the top left-hand corner.  It is fairly slow going, mostly because it is hard to make something look perfect when you are not sure what it is you are drawing until after it is drawn (a lot of looking and erasing, drawing and re-drawing).  The time line for this project is quite different from my usual work, and since I sort of use my blog to keep myself on track I will be posting periodic updates.

The initial impetus for this came from a couple of different areas.  A few weeks ago I was looking over my work for a piece to submit to a local art show (a benefit show for the Tillamook United PAWS).  I had mixed feelings.  Sometimes I was really with the work, but sometimes it was very underwhelming.

Also, I have begun to question the rabbits (or any of the figures for that matter.)  I don’t know why I frame so many of my problems around the figure ground relationship and the pattern/not a pattern, but it keeps coming up.


August 14, 2009


Shadow boxing and solitaire should be Olympic sports.

It Won’t Work That Way

August 11, 2009

I don’t find this one particularly convincing, but I had to try out the dash-fade.  I also think this one sheds light on what I liked about the last one.

(A little story, mostly so I will remember.)  In my first try at graduate school my carpool friend was an animation major.  Her first projects were to do one short film where the figure moves on a relative stationary background (like a LoonyToons Cartoon) and the other had to be a figure moving through a room, where the figure remains relatively stationary and the background is continually redrawn (like a chase scene from an old old cartoon).  I think if I can work with the sort of inevitable journey type feeling the constantly redrawn backgrounds produce, I might be on to something.

In Support of Nothing

August 10, 2009


I am really enjoying these quick black and white drawings.  I hope they have sort of that classic animation type look to them (think Steamboat Willy or an old Popeye or Felix.)  Not so much the look, but the sort of long dead hope those cartoons have.  Not nostalgia, but that kind of feeling when you are watching a movie and you realize the actor in the film has died.  I am not sure quite what I mean by that.

Scratched Retina

August 6, 2009

This painting did not turn out so well.  However, it was nice to try out a just acrylic painting.  The dots were supposed to look like water sprayed on a television but did not turn out.  It still could be a good idea.