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Test Prints

July 29, 2010

I found myself in Fred Meyer the other day and thought, “hey I should try out their digital picture station with some of my recent colorings.”  Well, I thought they turned out pretty cool.  I think I see a possible way to make some American Space Deer triptychs or something.


Love’s Bitter Sting

July 25, 2010

Do not despair American Space Deer!  Mission control knows just what you’re going through.  Once, a friend of ours accidentally fell in love with a robot.  Loving something fake is not fake love.  It is real love.  Misplaced, but real none the less, and your confused feelings of betrayal are completely ok with us.  As is the nuclear bombardment.  We are 100% ok with this.

American Space Deer and the Trap that is Love

July 23, 2010

Ah, love.  Could this be it?  Can you even see straight?  American Space Deer, treasure these moments, keep them in your… NARC! NARC!

American Space Deer vs Bird Planet

July 21, 2010

Another day an other angry magistrate.  Oh American Space Deer!  So misunderstood!  If it were not for your punctuality and upbeat presentations one would worry.  Well, chin up old bean.  Logically an egg covered planet deserves a chance at a galactic record-breaking omelette.

The Foot Race

July 20, 2010

With an elaborate pantomime and an improvised octopus costume, American Space Deer tricks the president of the whales into a “Trial by Foot Race.”

Represent Self

July 19, 2010

Representing yourself in court is always risky, but at a war-crime tribunal?  On a hostile planet no less?  Oh, American Space Deer you have outdone yourself!

American Space Deer vs Whale Planet

July 17, 2010

Oh American Space Deer!  Only you could sell the concept of whaling to a planet covered in whales.  By giving the whale you nicknamed “Dusky Fin” leg and harpoon  technology, you have changed Whale Planet for the better.

You even took the time to have a cool wall built!  Outstanding!

You Don’t Know Me but My Love is Real

July 14, 2010

Not that it shows in this sorry drawing.  It’s like a copy of a counterfeit Far Side t-shirt.

Give! Give! Give!

July 8, 2010

Infinite bullets and friends who care, pale in the face.  We are so small.  So small and poorly drawn.

Stop Was Not Enough

July 4, 2010

The disease was so bad old insults were forgotten.