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Baba Yaga out cruising for Dinosaurs

December 30, 2011

All right, lets finish the year with a landscape.  A little where’s Waldoey but what can you do.

New Prismacolors for Christmas?  Draw On!


American Space Deer Theatre 32

December 12, 2011

It could be birds.  Or something bird like.  Or nothing at all.

Truth be told, this looks a little Portlandy.

American Space Deer Theatre 31

December 8, 2011

I think the geese look pretty good.

American Space Deer Theatre 30

December 5, 2011

Too slow.

American Space Deer Theatre 87,050,029

December 2, 2011

Some Space Deer freestyle.

A little eyes.

A little flies.

Thankfully there are no editors on the Space Deer project.  The mummy-ish forms are kind of nice.