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Animal Erosion

May 27, 2007

A Rabbit with Erosion

I have been messing with formal elements that I am not especially comfortable with.  Attempting to make statements with things I do not understand.  So far, so far.  Still the colors are nice.


Rabbit tibbaR

May 21, 2007

Rabbit Dyptic

I have been looking at Clyfford Still paintings, and I guess I began to feel a little insecure with myself.  I then began looking at paintings by Patrick Henry Bruce, and I felt a little better.  I think it is important to look at paintings that you love, but could never have painted, and ones that it is possible for you to have painted if you tried really really hard, and everything was perfect, especially you.

An Unusual Awakening

May 15, 2007

Bird Fighter II

I kind of laughed while I painted this painting.  I was exploring a flat space, as usual, when suddenly I realized I was painting a space very similar to the space found in the popular, but dated, Street Fighter II video game.  I thought that was pretty cool until I looked into the face of an imaginary Painting Professor.  The Painting Professor was not amused, he found the painting to be frivolous.

I am OK with that, however the imaginary Painting Professor has awaken from his long slumber, I fear my painting will take a turn towards the academic until he fall back to sleep.  Oh well.

Still Life

May 11, 2007

Bird Hat

I am fairly happy with this painting.  I really like the colors, and think the stack of birds is both funny and interesting.  I also like the volume of the birds.  While the shadows do not really make sense they do create some type of dimension which is nice.

Rabbit Alone

May 6, 2007

Rabbit Alone

Here is a jazzy painting that is a few steps off of what I normally paint.  It is 15″ by 44″ and features a solitary figure.  It is too sunny right now to write a longer blog post, but I am all and all happy with this painting

Listen to the Color

May 1, 2007

Color Sound

Someone asked me why I paint, and of course I did not really have an answer for them at the time, so I tried to look thoughtful and pretended the question was rhetorical.  This response was for the most part successful as it bought me enough time for the conversation to change and, hopefully made me seem a little mysterious.

But, like an insult, I found myself unable to let the question go and had to come up with a come back, which is not really the appropriate response to this type of question, so I sort of came up with an answer.

After some thinking I now have three reasons for why I paint, and now cannot wait for conversational opportunities to tell people them.

1 I paint because I really enjoy the act of painting.  When I paint no one can see me.  It is me and the paper.  Clearly, between me and the paper, I am the artistic genus, and no one is there to tell me I am not.

2 I paint because I want to see where painting and I can go together.  If painting is a journey, I think anyone can paint enough pictures to see the surrounding area.  I wonder how many paintings it takes to see the bottom of the ocean.  Well, how many paintings I have to paint to see the bottom of the ocean.

3 The third reason is a secret, too foolish to be placed in writing.

PS this painting is OK.