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Hope for Another Side

July 29, 2009

I was kind of surprised how quickly this one came together.  It has me pretty excited.  I can see why I was warned against using black paint.  I have no idea how someone could use it in a harmonious painting.  It does make a good disjunction (maybe too simple.)


We Do Our Best as Everything Pours into Nothing

July 24, 2009

Little rivers (of everything and nothing) seem a bit silly, but I think it is kind of working.  Maybe I just need more rivers.  The only problem then is where to put the rabbits.

Is a Full Abyss Any Less Terrifying?

July 22, 2009


I know that almost by definition an abyss (let alone THE abyss) is completely empty.  Bottomless and infinite.  However, if it is bottomless and infinite, than it stands to reason that everything could fit into it and there would still be room for more.  I know there must be some idea from Set Theory that makes this wrong, but really, what is the difference between completeemptyness and complete fullness?  Clearly this idea requires at least 3 mediums to explore!  (As a side note, the acrylic paint and charcoal look a lot better in person when theirglossyness and matteness really set them outside the experience of the falling rabbits.)  (Double side note, this approach to mixed-media seems very much based in sculpture and I am not sure if that is a good thing yet.)

Edge Ahead, Darkness Behind

July 15, 2009


What could be more terrifying than the edge of the paper?  The very edge of your drawing existence?  Stare off brave figure!  Stare off and be humbled!

Another Little Face with Somewhat Hollow Eyes

July 14, 2009

I am enjoying just drawing for the sake of spending a couple hours of drawing.  It is nice to not worry about completion or composition or content or really much of anything.  I think it has given me some time to sort out, and develop, some ideas that needed more work.  In other words I think I am this close to making something.

What Happened to Your Cow?

July 10, 2009


No amount of joyous mark making could overcome my cow looking a little like a garbage bag with a head and legs.

Whole Page of Fakery

July 8, 2009

People like to talk about painting strategies, but rarely talk about their own.  My strategy with this drawing was pretty simple:
Define the things that should be defined, and try not to be fussy.  About halfway through I started making zooming sound effects for my pencil, which is never a good sign.

Short Essay on the Importance of Line

July 6, 2009


Sometimes when you draw from life you can get so caught up in trying to make something look like something else, you forget that your drawing, in the end, will look like nothing other than itself.  So all those careful smudges and erasures, which look just like the subtle shadows and lights in front of you, tend not to age well.  In the presence of the model or scene they make sense, however in its absence they sort of look like mud (a possible reason for this is that smudges and erasures are not full drawing elements, and possibly more like something in painting, sort of how lines sometimes work as support for color in a painting, but as a general rule are not the stars of the show).

In my opinion the best way to avoid mud is line.  Drawings need line.  The real strength of a drawing is its line (or its careful avoidance of line, in any event, line is not far from theconversation).  Smudging and erasing can make or break a drawing, but in the end (I think) line is the most important element in.

With that said, I am stepping up my line awareness.  This has lead to some disasters in portraiture, but a sort of nice tree drawing.  I definitely danced a bit in the mud, and have some finish issues (the bugs were starting to get to me), but I think it still goes into the win column (note the lines that sort of off set the mud issues at the bottom).

Childhood Rage and Uno Spin

July 1, 2009


Lets face it.  It is no fun getting yelled at by your sister for cheating.  Especially since you can’t read and are not entirely sure that you are cheating.  You are playing to the best of your ability, with the rules you can remember.  Curse you Uno Spin!  You are so fun to play, but so damn hard to understand!  Why couldn’t your rules be set to a sing-song?  Or at least short enough to pay attention to?  Why did grandma give us such a complicated game?  Why not an updated, or novelty edition, of Candyland?  Why?


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