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Birds Go Round and Round

September 23, 2007

Birds Turning

Well I am back on the birds again.  And I guess it feels good.  I tried a little wet on wet to mix things up, with ok results.  This painting feels a little empty, like an exercise in formal qualities.  I think that is what has been lacking in my work as of late.  A sort of lack of thematic focus. 

Lacking a thematic theme seems like something I might not want associated with my work.


Trapped Rabbit Made of Fish

September 17, 2007

Free Rabbit

I am not sure how I feel about this painting, so I am going to let it sit a bit.  However it was just what I needed.  A clear, but not clean, break from what I have been working on.  This painting gave me some space.

It is supposed to be a rabbit made out of fish who is being held in the water by an unknown force.  It is painted with everything I do not excel at.

September 11, 2007

Red and Blue Birds 

Now that it is finished, I guess this painting doesn’t look as quasi-patriotic as I thought it did.  Still I think I better lay off the red a blue.  I also think I better lay off the birds as well.  I need a shake up.

Birds and a Dark Moonish Shape

September 2, 2007

Birds and Dark Space

It is nice to do a few quarter sheets again. The pressure is off and you can really try some terrible ideas. This one turned out ok, I really like the low contrast and the low light.  I also am enjoying the sort of “leaves in a rake” look for the birds.  Moonish is by far the lamest word I have used yet, but it has been a long week and moonish is all I have.