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Angry Fantasy Bear Story 1 Page 1

January 31, 2014

001 copy

The goal of painting remains, but I think I have a five or so page story to quickly tell.  And yes, those are gnomes.


A different kind of tree, not that the ocean cares

January 29, 2014


I think this pretty much solves the Christmas tree in a scarf problem from a little while ago.  Still pretty clunky, and I have yet to try one with a bear or owl next to it.

And now there are eggs

January 27, 2014


I didn’t do any painting this weekend, but pushed around some more story ideas.  I think I like the little boat, but am still not sure if Owl P. Drinky can talk.

Not a Good Friend

January 22, 2014


You may think that a giant stick bug would be an awesome friend, but you would be wrong.  Wrong, and probably heart broken.

Meeting a Giant Humming Bird God

January 20, 2014


Pretty fun.  The colors didn’t get to muddy, and the brush work didn’t get too scratchy.  Still don’t quite have a story yet, but have not lost any enthusiasm.

Fantasy Bear and Owl P. Drinky Together in Poorly Mixed Color

January 17, 2014


I liked the starkness of the drawings, and have completely lost this in this painting.

Although, children’s book illustration isn’t the worse territory to be in.

A Tree and the Ocean

January 13, 2014


What went wrong:

The end result looks like a Christmas tree in a scarf.

What went right:

More practice painting waves.

What next:

Well, I still think there is something cool about tying ribbons around trees before they are drowned in the surf.  However this visual will need at least two more coats of polish if it is to make it into Angry Fantasy Bear.

Ocean and tree and birds test

January 10, 2014


Another try.  I think if I match the color of the sky to the ocean, these would be a lot better.  Also, if I never paint these blank white birds again.

Three Bad Fish

January 6, 2014

Misc 006

Misc 008

As cool as giant bear eating salmon would be, they will not be going into my story due to poor painting ability.