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Editor as Character

September 4, 2008

Usually the “Editor’s Note” is a comic convention to help fill readers in on what is happening or let readers know which comic titles contain other parts to the story arch.  However, Marvel Comics had a tradition (I am not sure if it continues to this day) of having an “Assistant Editors” month.  During that month, I guess, the real editors took a break and left the comics in the hands of the assistant editors, who were lovingly portrayed as goons of some kind or another.

During Assistant Editors Month the “Editor’s Note” took on a life of its own.  Sometimes they were misleading or inside joke-like or a dig on one of the real editors.

I am hoping to continue in this tradition of editor’s notes that can’t be completely trusted and have to be taken for what they are worth.  So in case anyone is wondering, no, I do not think it is OK to be too drunk to help a child who has wet the bed, and instead hope your wife does it, but I do not think it is out of line for an editor to.