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Short Essay on the Importance of Line

July 6, 2009


Sometimes when you draw from life you can get so caught up in trying to make something look like something else, you forget that your drawing, in the end, will look like nothing other than itself.  So all those careful smudges and erasures, which look just like the subtle shadows and lights in front of you, tend not to age well.  In the presence of the model or scene they make sense, however in its absence they sort of look like mud (a possible reason for this is that smudges and erasures are not full drawing elements, and possibly more like something in painting, sort of how lines sometimes work as support for color in a painting, but as a general rule are not the stars of the show).

In my opinion the best way to avoid mud is line.  Drawings need line.  The real strength of a drawing is its line (or its careful avoidance of line, in any event, line is not far from theconversation).  Smudging and erasing can make or break a drawing, but in the end (I think) line is the most important element in.

With that said, I am stepping up my line awareness.  This has lead to some disasters in portraiture, but a sort of nice tree drawing.  I definitely danced a bit in the mud, and have some finish issues (the bugs were starting to get to me), but I think it still goes into the win column (note the lines that sort of off set the mud issues at the bottom).


You’re Heart You’re Mind

May 18, 2009


One difference between drawing and painting is our understanding of completeness.  Unlike painting, I have never heard someone look at a finished drawing and comment on its unfinishedness.  Underdeveloped? Sure, Uninteresting? Sure?  but not unfinished.  People say paintings look unfinished all the time.  “Unfinished” is even a painting strategy.  If it is true that a drawing can’t be unfinished this is sort of a powerful thing (or this is about as wonderful as not being able to shoot a free-throw in football).

Also, I did spend some quality time drawing from life this weekend, but still nothing worth posting.  I am going to have to learn to draw much faster.  From the road cows do not seem to move much, but up close it is another story.  Cows also seem to have trouble acting natural when being watched (even after an hour or so cows seem to stay on).

Digesting the Heavens

March 24, 2009


I am not going to write a whole bunch of things.  I am just going to take a deep breath and go paint some more.

to be titled

March 10, 2009


Based solely on my own observations, I think “to be titled” is the new “untitled”, and I for one am relieved.  We can only hope a new “mixed media” and a new “dimensions variable” are in the works.

I am pretty happy with the way this painting has turned out.  It has nice colors, and the bound pegasus is kind of a nice image.  I also am happy with the look of the forest where no trees touch.

My artist statement is still in shambles and that worries me.  I feel like I should be able to put together a few honest paragraphs that describe and inform my work.  Actually I would like to see a few sentences that accurately describe why I work at all.

“Paints simple images for reasons unclear.” does not seem like an effective way to establish rapport with anyone likely to read an artist’s statement.


Possible Disaster in Lower and Upper Left Hand Corner

February 6, 2009

Here  is another one that I think turned out pretty well.  I am still not sure about the scribbles for leaves but I just couldn’t think of how to draw leaves at that scale.  Still it was a nice chance to see what works and what doesn’t.  I was really happy with the fox and birds, and I like the yellow background.  I will have to see how I feel about this one the next time I look at it.

The Fire Line

December 20, 2008

The Fire Line

Fill them with sand!  Fill the children with sand!