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Lord the Ocean is Big

September 10, 2009

Empty like sunshine.


Pegasus and Gars

May 5, 2009


I am not sure if these really are gars, but it is the name that best describes them.

Empty Choices

March 30, 2009


Not a whole lot has been added since the last one.  The ocean horizon is nice.

The Outpouring Sea

February 25, 2009


All and all I think this one turned out ok.  I am really happy with the pegasus and think there are some nice things going on all the way around (I am also giving myself two points for remembering to include driftwood and some cockles shells).

The Sea

January 3, 2009

The Sea

Just a nice picture of the sea.  Sorry for the slight blur.  My youngest is tall enough to reach the top of my desk and managed to throw the digital camera into the kitchen.  I think I will change the batteries, but there might be some focus issues until I am able to get a new camera.

Oh, and the reason it is square is because of a major bad drawing element in the lower left corner.  Sometimes you just have to draw with the exacto knife.

They Still Have Children

December 31, 2008


Please, no comments on the absurdly proportioned ship, and no
I don’t think whales really have tongues.  With that out of the way, I think this one turned out pretty good.  I am pretty sure I will use the floating rabbits again, and thought drawing only half of the sea half-pipe was a heads up move.

The Bottom of the Sea

August 14, 2008

Here is the fifth installment of the Yeti saga.  I think it is going well, slow but well.

Today I would like to write a little about inspiration.

According to the fossil record, horses once had hands.  Unfortunately the dinosaur book that I have checked out from the library does not have a good illustration, or at least a satisfying illustration.  From time to time, I find myself wishing I had a solid, historically accurate, illustration of a horse with hands.  I also feel that if I could draw better, perhaps I could create this illustration.

Yesterday I checked out Animal anatomy for artists : the elements of form by Eliot Goldfinger.  Looking at the bone and muscle structure of horses has intensified my interest of seeing a picture of a horse with hands, but at the same time has made me realize that it probably would not look as impressive as I hoped it might.

This new knowledge has created an interesting contradictory feeling within me.  I think this feeling is inspiration.