Slow Progress due to Origami

This full sheet painting has been a little slow in development.  I wanted to continue doing a big overlapping sky scene, but wanted to abandon the multicolor rivers.  I toyed with the idea of a large rabbit and dinosaur fight, but after a few sketches I realized I am just not there right now.  I worked with a couple of fire representations (because a burning landscape could be very cool) but was unable to come up with anything that looked good.

So finally, I went with knocked down trees (I am hoping the school of thought that your first idea usually isn’t your best holds true in this instance.)  It is supposed to have a sort of Mount St. Helens/Tunguska aftermath look to it, and I am pretty happy so far.

The other factor slowing this painting down is my new love/hate for origami flowers.  I really stink at it so it takes about 15-20 min per flower, but it is starting to cut into my painting time.  I will be happy when this mania runs its course.


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