Empty Fun

It was too windy to draw cows this weekend, but it is never too windy to draw sleeping babies.  I find myself in a very sort of empty place in regard to picture making right now.  I really am enjoying drawing from life.  It is fun to have sort of measurable things to compare and work on (right now I would put myself in the smudgy faking it group.)  And it is temporarily satisfying to have something look like something, and even more satisfying (although still temporary) to identify things that are uninteresting or do not make something look like something.


However it is a very empty thing and I am not sure where it will go: Man that looks just like that.  Hooray! (This is not to take anything away from realistic painting.  There are countless examples of wonderful realistic paintings, (There are terrible ones too, of course) and there are avariety of things people do to make them interesting, the word style comes to mind.  Style and subject matter.

Developing a style seems very un-fun , and I am not sure how I feel about subject matter.  Form and function come to mind as well.  I think I am just going to continue to draw and paint from life right now because I feel pretty confused.


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