Ism to end all Isms

For some reason I am compelled to join the ism to end all isms.  No I am not talking about “whimsical girls drawn on exposed wood-grainism” nor am I talking about “abstract painting with some autobiographic and/or humorous text thrown inism” I am not even talking about “nostalgic photomontageism” or “bad paintings of tabbo thingsism”.  No the “NOW” art movement that I find myself helplessly draw to is “generic observationalism”.

(We Generic Observationalists, if I may humbly begin to refer to myself as one, tend to wrap ourselves in a false word blanket of mean spirited irony in order to protect our developing skills.  Make no mistake that we are a hopelessly optimistic bunch, and with the seeds of our generic observational style will someday do great things.)

Behold! Jar round two.


Face!  Looking nothing like the sitter!



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