Why is Some Level of Realism so Satisfying?


I think the real strength to drawing from life is that it forces you to see subtle differences in line and light that you might normally gloss over when you are drawing from imagination (not everyone of course, but myself).  I find myself drawing much more complicated lines, and much more interesting lights and darks.  I think my next big challenge will be either A.) incorporating fully developed lines/lights and darks into my “important” work or B.) incorporating my “important” ideas into my more developed lines/lights and darks work, or of course C.) scrapping it all and doing something else, and hopefully D.) using color in some damn meaningful way.

All in all I am feeling fairly optimistic.  I think I will kind of continue for now in this sort of split way of working, alternating between drawing from life and making up imaginary scenes, with the hope of reconciling the two at a later date, or hoping something else great takes off.  As far as this drawing goes, I think it is OK.



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