You’re Heart You’re Mind


One difference between drawing and painting is our understanding of completeness.  Unlike painting, I have never heard someone look at a finished drawing and comment on its unfinishedness.  Underdeveloped? Sure, Uninteresting? Sure?  but not unfinished.  People say paintings look unfinished all the time.  “Unfinished” is even a painting strategy.  If it is true that a drawing can’t be unfinished this is sort of a powerful thing (or this is about as wonderful as not being able to shoot a free-throw in football).

Also, I did spend some quality time drawing from life this weekend, but still nothing worth posting.  I am going to have to learn to draw much faster.  From the road cows do not seem to move much, but up close it is another story.  Cows also seem to have trouble acting natural when being watched (even after an hour or so cows seem to stay on).


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