Thoughts That Blind


Before I start, yes I bought an assortment of charcoal and graphite pencils, and yes I spent most of this week copying figures from the Sistine chapel and drawing the dairy cows who live next door.  I am still sketching out some ideas in the vein I have been working in, but have resolved not to complete anything for a bit.

Why am I doing this?
I think I have two reasons for doing this.  One: a sort of artistic cross training.  If you run and your knees start to hurt, the best advice usually is cut back on mileage or swim/ride a bike/lift weights/something different.  I recently have felt a little unease when I draw and do not want to cut back on time spent drawing, so I am trying a related activity that hopefully will allow me to maintain my art development without hurting myself.

Two: a sort of artistic vacation from self.  I, Luke Kralik, do not excel at either Renaissance space or life drawing.  Neither one of these terms would come up in how I describe myself, so sitting in my yard drawing cows or fussing over values seems very exotic.  Like a vacation I get to do the things I like to do in a very different way.

How long will this departure from normal routine last?  I am not sure.


3 Responses to “Thoughts That Blind”

  1. Dave Says:

    Very nice Luke. From your brief text, I now want to see a Sistine Chapel Dairy Cow.

  2. caleb Says:

    I would love to see your cows as well.

    • banole Says:

      Thanks guys. Finished cow drawings are a little slower. The grass is too long and I can’t see their feet, which is throwing off my proportions, well that and the weather has taken a turn.

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