Drawing Rabbits and a Hairy Guy, I Guess

It has sort of been a rough week on the painting front.  I have started three paintings only to give up on them because they really weren’t very good.  That is tough.  I usually really like to take a painting to the bitter end because I don’t have a problem making bad paintings, I like to see if anything interesting/educational might happen, and because I hate to waste material.  In any event all this failure has really got me thinking about my paintings and my painting habits since I started this blog. (I sort of was heading this way before ‘the week of no good painting.’)

I started this blog because I was working on a series of paintings about a rabbit and a fish who were friends.  This was cool and it gave me the confidence to work on full sheets of watercolor paper.  At some time I began to create stencils to help lay out compositions and this activity continued to build my confidence.  A lot of cool things were happening, the stencils allowed me to create multiples and I did not have to worry about proportion.  In short I could paint drawing free.  This was really good and I learned a lot about color and watercolor paints in general, unfortunately, I really like drawing and I was slowly becoming dependent on the stencils.  I sort of think this dependency has become stifling.

In retrospect it seems a little funny that I ended up getting away from drawing.  I have always loved drawing and draw every day.  In fact I was reluctant to get into painting, and originally picked watercolor because it was a nice way to add color to a drawing.  (This bit is the big picture, and is including late high school/early college even though I am an old library professional now.)  I think the most successful of my paintings have been the ones that look the most like the sketches that inspired them.

Well, no more, I am going to try out some small scale, colored drawings on watercolor paper.  I am expecting big things.  At the top there is a sketch at to help set the tone of the future.  At the bottom is this hairy man I drew last week.  Long live drawing (don’t worry this blog will not turn into a sketch book, after this post it is back to finished work only).


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