Pour Out

I was little upset when I found out the David Foster Wallace had killed himself.  Not upset like I am when people I know pass away, but much more upset than the usual amount of sadness I feel for people I don’t know.  In fact I can’t really think of any other famous person’s death that has ever bothered me.  In any event I found myself reading any article by Wallace I could find.  One article that I really enjoyed was EUnibus Pluram, an article mostly about TV (if you live in Oregon I would highly recommend using you library’s EBSCO account to access the article, it is in the Review of Contemporary Fiction Summer 93).

Well sure enough, any serious article about TV has to make mention of Duchamp, and Wallace does not disappoint.  In fact he really goes above a beyond and has a really nice write-up about Duchamp’s fountain.  One aspect he explores, that I hadn’t really thought about, was how the fountain changed the space of the gallery.  Not in a shocking way but in a more basic way.  Like, if we are inside and the walls are white and there is a urinal, is it alright to go pee?  Because really the only difference between the gallery, or the kitchen, or the classroom and the bathroom is the urinal, at least physically.

This reminded me of something I had read in a book on the history of clothing.  The author felt that clothing was invented not to cover up soft spots or for warmth, but to distract everyone from remembering that people produce excrement.  The author justified this argument by saying that it is universally impolite to go the bathroom mid-sentence.



One Response to “Pour Out”

  1. cj Says:

    Very interesting lines and color. a bit harsh is it watercolor? seems to controlled for watercolor, but yet I have a positive experience looking at it.

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