The Joy of the Roll

Line Bird

The dimensions of this painting are 60″ by 44″ making it the largest watercolor painting I have ever done.  It was a lot of fun and I am happy with the way it turned out.  At times I thought it looked too much like an Easter themed wrapping paper, but now that it is up on the wall I no longer feel that way.

The reason I was able to paint such a large painting is that I bought a ten yard roll of watercolor paper.  I would recommend buying rolls of watercolor paper to anyone because it really frees a person from the set dimensions of cut sheets.  If you want to do a huge painting, go ahead.  Perhaps a long skinny painting, feel free.  Of course now that I have painted this marathon of a painting I am going to do a few quarter sheets to rest up a bit.


2 Responses to “The Joy of the Roll”

  1. ginger Says:

    How much was your roll of water color paper and where did you get it?

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