Two Brothers

April 18, 2014


Now we’re getting somewhere.

Not Seeing, Knowing or Caring

April 17, 2014

fish 001

This one looks better on screen than it does on paper.  I hate it when you can see where you attention was wondering, but didn’t care enough to fix it when you had the chance.

Lying to Liars

April 15, 2014


Hunting hunters, killing killers.  The world looks different when you have a dead mouse tied to your forehead.

The Consumption of Fallen Greatness

April 7, 2014


This is pretty lame, but there is something here.

Our Parenting Had Much to be Desired

April 3, 2014


I think win/win is a piss poor rhetorical concept at best, and a cheap sleeping aide at worst.

Butterfly, Bird, Caterpillars, Chicks

April 3, 2014


Now that I take a second look, the caterpillars are pretty sad looking.  Nothing like a real one.  Not that better rendering would make this drawing better.  Still, it is something to acknowledge.

American Space Deer Page ==!

April 2, 2014


Without close observation, you might get the sense we knew what we were talking about.

========! indeed.

American ===== Deer Page ==

March 31, 2014


Memory is such a funny thing.  Memories sort of make you who you are, but are separate from you.

American ===== Deer Page ==

March 28, 2014


And here we go!

American ===== Deer Page ==

March 27, 2014


Well, redaction is one way to reduce the sap level.


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